Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Hey mom (& everyone else who reads this)!

First off, I didn't get a root canal at the dentist. They filled some cavities & gave me a plate thing that I'm supposed to wear at night to prevent clenching & grinding, but it hurts to wear, so sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night & take it out....my next appointment is May 29, Emmy's birthday! then the next one after that is June 12.
This week was good as always, but a little slower. We weren't able to meet with A at all this week. Since now we have to go through F to get to see her, it places another roadblock in her way of progression. 

Tuesday after zone meeting I was able to get a blessing from one of my zone leaders. It was great, it's been awhile since I'd had a blessing. I'd heard of a sister getting a blessing from her dad over skype..is that kosher? Wouldn't he need to put his hands on her head? idk.. haha, but anyway that would kinda be cool. Also, Sister O said she usually says a family prayer over the phone, which would've been cool, but I'd probably cry. haha. After zone meeting we went home to drop off groceries, then to visit a couple people before we had an early dinner at home. Then we had a lesson with the Ws, and then one with S A. 

Wednesday we had lunch with the sister training leaders. We got new ones this transfer, but they're not too new to me. One is my mom, Sister C & the other is Sister S's mom, Sister P! It was really fun to see them again & catch up.
It was great to see my "mom" again!
After lunch we hit up mormon.org. and then we had a lesson with C at the church & we watched the Restoration video. She still has a desire to be baptized, but doesn't know how much longer she can take all her trials. She's desperate for a job. We promised her that after baptism when she receives the gift of the Holy Ghost her problems won't go away, but they will be so much easier to deal with. We had dinner at the O's then saw the Hs. Sister H told us about her neighbor who is needing someone to help with her horses and she offers free rent/utilities. We think this would be perfect for C! So we texted her a little bit about it & she's super excited. 

Thursday after studies we were supposed to go help C A with cleaning her house, but she wasn't feeling well. So we went home for lunch then to S's to help her clean her house. After that we asked if we could go see C & tell her more about the job opportunity. We also had a lesson with her talking about the Prophet Joseph Smith. After that we went to the H's to help K with her spelling words, but she didn't need help, so we talked with Sister H and then shared a message. Then we had dinner with the Hs and then saw M. I'm teaching M how to play "falling slowly" on ukulele! It's so fun :)

Friday was my dentist appointment. It was seriously the most relaxing dentist appointment I'd ever experienced!! They gave me novocaine & were really gentle. It was awesome. EXCEPT the fact that I had to use the bathroom so very badly & it's seriously the longest I'd ever held my bladder in my life I thought I was going to explode. hahahaha. Luckily I wasn't feeling too bad afterwards so we were still able to do missionary work that day & I was only still numb for one lesson...hahaha.
My novocaine smile
We had dinner with the G family then went to do ward coordilation, but when we got there  they the Es hadn't had dinner yet, so we ended up helping them make dinner & eating with them. We didn't even have time to do ward coordilation....

Saturday we did some service for a less active woman & her nonmember husband, the Hs. They grow pretty much all their own food: vegetables, fruits, chicken, pigs, goats, etc. It's pretty neat. We helped out in the greenhouse & afterwards we were talking to Brother H about all the food he makes & he invited us to have dinner with them sometime soon! At the end they ended up giving us a tomato plant for us to grow, fresh beets, turnips, kale & carrots. I have pictures :) 

Then we went home & finished weekly planning that we didn't really have time for on Friday. We had dinner with B, a sweet young mom with 2 boys. I know I've talked about eating at the H's before. It's their daughter. She & her husband & boys live with the her parents. Then we went to see J & watched a video with her.  Oh, and on Saturday night we got a text from C saying her mom's in the hospital....great...just what she needs. :/

Sunday was great. Unfortunately we didn't have any investigators at church, but it was great nonetheless. We had a really great speaker in Sacrament from the high council. He addressed his talk to the young men & young women who would serve missions in the future. He told about an experience he had on his mission. He was an incredible speaker. 
After church we went to the linger longer at the T's home. Then we went to help Sister H & her mom load bags of clothes into our truck to bring to the D.I. box at church. Sister H's husband passed away recently & she's getting ready to move, so she's getting rid of tons of things. Then went to visit some people before we had dinner with the Ds @ 3. We didn't originally have dinner with anyone & we were okay with it, but Sister D saw us at church & said "we're having breakfast for dinner tonight & I said 'aww we don't have the sisters!' do you have dinner tonight?" "well, no..." "do you want to come over?" Sister O & I look at eachother..."okay!" So we had a delicious meal, as always at the D home. Afterwards we were able to visit C L who is an active member but she has been immobile recently due to back problems, so we had a nice visit with her. Then we went to see the Cs, then home to do our studies & go to bed. :)

So this week seemed less eventful as far as lessons went...we haven't been reaching our member present goal or our other lesson goal. (member present is the lessons we teach an investigator with a member & other lesson is just a lesson with an investigator)

I can't believe this transfer is almost half over already! This week we have President interviews....ahh. I don't know why I get nervous. President Hobbs is really sweet & an inspiring man. I'll be sure to write next week about that. 

I love you & thank you for all your support & prayers. They strengthen me. Hope you have a WONDERFUL week. LOVE YOU!
xoxo Sister Viraldo

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