Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Blessings of fasting and prayer

Sorry, I did get your letter last week & it was great! I can't believe you haven't been to the beach. Take advantage of it for me!!

So yeah, it's disappointing about M, but I'm not focused on that. Also, don't worry, sometimes I use phrases like "downright pathetic" for emphasis. I don't dwell on things like that. I can't do that, because if I do it will get me discouraged. But I know there's lessons I can learn all around me. I realize what I did wrong & figure out how I can improve. It's something I've learned to do better. 

We were at the 4-week missionary meeting this week & I was telling that story I told you last week about not following my promptings to President & Sister Hobbs & the other trainers in the meeting, and President said "that's why we have companions!" JUST like YOU said!!  haha

Well, the exciting part of this week begins on Tuesday. After zone meeting & lunch we went to see a former investigator named Candy. We saw her the week before & she said we could come back on Tuesday. So that's what we did! Now Candy is something else. She has tons of questions & she changes the lessons into Q&A's. It was pretty frustrating for me, but at last we got her to agree to read & pray about the Book of Mormon. 

After that we had about 30 minutes until dinner, but had a loose appointment set up with another former investigator, Candita. She's the wife of a less active member in our ward. Really nice lady & we were able to get in her home & teach her a little about the Book of Mormon & prayer. She said she will read & pray & wants to learn more, so we set up another appointment for the next Tuesday. 

After dinner we had a lesson with Austin. I don't remember if I wrote this already, but if not: We normally have lessons every Tuesday with Sammie & sometimes Josh, but Sammie got a new job where she can't meet with us Tuesdays anymore. She texted us cancelling, but then she said "but Austin still wants to meet with you!" Austin is Josh's nonmember brother that lives with them. So of course we were super excited, because the last lesson we had with them Austin was really into it. So we got Kellie to come with us & headed over to his house. We were able to answer a couple questions & introduce the Book of Mormon to him & set up another appointment with him to teach him more. 

Tuesday was really odd, but amazing. 3 lessons & 3 new investigators! I know this was no coincidence & that the Lord blessed us immensely from fasting & praying the week before for new investigators. 

This week we had the 4-week missionary meeting. I got to see Sisters 'Otuafi & Martinez! It was really great. Also, as we were heading out Sister Kroff got there to do something at the mission office, so it was really nice seeing her for a few minutes. She goes home in a couple weeks! Crazy! 
One question/concern I brought up in this meeting was that it's sometimes hard to feel productive as we go about doing our work day to day. Driving to houses, their gates being locked, then moving on to the next locked gate... I've gotten a little more used to it, but it's hard for new missionaries to feel like they're doing good work. President didn't address the issue directly, but he did so by telling a story from his mission. In essence he said that as long as we are out working, we are doing the Lord's work, which makes us productive. He also said, "Sister Viraldo, I don't put just anyone in Phelan." So that was kinda cool to hear. 

Saturday we had the privilege of singing at Jacob N's baptism. This was such a special experience, because he is such a special kid. He has some sort of disease that limits him from walking, but he is still such an active kid who always looks at the positive side. :)

That's pretty much most of my week. I'm happy. I'm loving being a missionary. I can't imagine what my life would be like if I never decided to serve. I know I wouldn't be doing anything with a greater purpose than that of serving a full-time mission for Jesus Christ. Missions are hard work. You're always tired. I've never felt more joy at a more consistent rate than I have out here, and I know it's because I am serving others, my Heavenly Father, & Jesus Christ.  

I wanted to share with you probably the most important thing I've learned on my mission thus far, the importance of doing the simple things every day. On our progression of spiritual development it is so crucial to say our daily morning & evening prayers, study the scriptures, & weekly church attendance. I've met too many people who believe the church is true but are not active for various reasons. No matter the reasons, it all comes down to the simple things. No matter what comes up in our life, if we are praying daily, reading the Book of Mormon everyday, & attending 3 hours of church weekly, we will not fall. The other important thing is to have real intent while doing it. It does us no good to simply go through the motions of doing those things, because if we are doing that, then surely our foundation is not going to be firmly founded in Jesus Christ, and when the winds & temptations of the adversary come our way we will not be strong enough to fight them. Our hearts need to be right. I have a very strong testimony of the simple things & the plainness of this gospel. I know it's true & I know there's no other way to joy or happiness than to follow Jesus Christ. 

Thank you for your love & support. I pray for you daily.
Love you!
xoxo Sister Viraldo

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