Thursday, September 10, 2015

Pink wash & train?! (Sept 9 email)

I'm terribly sorry this email is getting to you so late, but I promise I have good excuses. 

Saturday was the day of transfer calls. The APs called me on behalf of President asking me if I'd train again this transfer & of course I said "of course!" That meant either I was staying in Phelan (after being there 6 months) or whitewash train (meaning me & my companion would be taking over someone else's area.) My fate remained a mystery for 4 loooooooong hours until we got the rest of the "transfer doctrine". Elder Wurst called to say Sister Wagner was going to Apple Valley. Automatically we both thought I was staying in Phelan until he said "and Sister Viraldo, you're coming to Wrightwood." I thought he was joking. That was his area & it's quite uncommon for sisters to replace elders in areas. Nevertheless, he was 100% serious. 

The rest of Saturday & Sunday were spent running around saying goodbye & packing both of our lives up & cleaning our house since both Sister Wagner & I were leaving & they were bringing elders into Phelan. (I'd assume they call that "blue washing" but who knows...) The ward was super sad that we were leaving & even more sad that they were getting elders. 

Church on Sunday was very sentimental. We both bore our testimonies & I could barely get mine choked out over my tears. Mom, I blame you for my lack of ability to speak when I cry. Some people have a real talent at that, but I was not blessed with that.

You'll never guess who showed up to church after sacrament meeting was over......Virgie & Diane!! Diane knew they were going to be late but "had to come to say goodbye" to us! awww it was so great. They stayed for Sunday School. :)  Betty gave me a hug & said the SWEETEST thing to me: "you gave me the courage to go back to church." Little things like that make missionary work SO worth it.

So here's my excuses why you're getting this email on Wednesday. Monday was labor day = libraries are closed & it was also transfer day! Sister Wagner got her new companion & headed off to Apple Valley. Mom, I now know what it is like to let go of your first born child. You gave them life & tried to raise them right, then comes the day where you hand them off & hope they can fly on their own. :'(
I'm assuming it was more difficult for me to let go of my firstborn than for you to let go of yours, am I right? ;)

Saying goodbye to Sis Wagner
I got put with a temporary companion for the rest of Monday & Tuesday morning. Tuesday afternoon we got our new missionaries, had a meeting, then headed up the hill. We finally got to Wrightwood around 7pm & headed straight to our dinner with the Quinn's. We got home a little after 8 to a mess of an apartment. I'd always heard horror stories about moving into elders' apartments, but I'd been in contact with the elders who were here & they promised they cleaned it. My hopes were high & got crushed...hard. So we had permission to email for a short time today to let you know that I am well & safe!

I am super excited for this new opportunity I have to be in Wrightwood & training again! The ward was looking forward to having sisters & so far they have welcomed us very well. I know I'll love it here. Sister Hobbs (mission president's wife) has told me a couple times how excited she is that I get to serve in Wrightwood. I'll miss the amazing people I've met in Phelan, but I know there's more for me to do here! 

Sorry for the short email, but DUTY CALLS.
Love you so much!
xoxo Sister Viraldo

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