Wednesday, December 24, 2014

12-21-14 It's Almost Christmas!

Christmas as a missionary is weird but also AMAZING. We haven't had many lessons lately, but we have so many opportunities to do service. Gift wrapping, caroling, more gift wrapping, and more caroling. It rocks. It's amazing how the spirit of Christ truly is in each person's life at this time of year, even if they don't recognize it as such. 

Yes, our ward had their Christmas program. I didn't sing by myself, but I was in the ward choir. We sang 4 songs. We did "Hark how the bells" or whatever it's called a capella, and it was really bad. I thought so anyway, but the rest of the songs were good & we got really great feedback from people. We only had one speaker, it was good, not super great. then bishop said a few words.

Mamma B is in Utah visiting family for 2 WHOLE WEEKS!!! I don't know what we're gonna do without her for that long. On Monday we went and got a Christmas tree. She wanted to get one pretty much just for our enjoyment since she wasn't even gonna be home! she also made us a pillow case & got us an ornament and bought us stockings and filled them with stuff (haven't looked what's in it yet, I'm waiting for Christmas!)

Tuesday we didn't do much. We had to finish p-day things and our lesson in the evening got cancelled.
Wednesday we went to Let It Be Wrapped and wrapped Christmas presents for about 2 hours, and visited less actives, then had dinner with the T family. They showed us a really awesome video by The Piano Guys with David Archuleta. look it up if you haven't seen it yet! oh, never mind, here it is

Thursday was fun! We had the mission Christmas Devotional in Rancho. Wednesday the missionaries in the desert had one, then Thursday the missionaries in the valley had one. So half the mission was there. We ate lunch, then had a program in the chapel. President & Sister Hobbs did most of it. We watched a couple really awesome bible video type things. Then we went into the cultural hall and they had presents for us! I guess it's a tradition: every year wards from the area knit a hat for each missionary and young women make scarves. So we got to chat a bit with friends.  then we drove back and stopped by to see one of our recent converts and had a GREAT lesson with her & her daughters. We didn't even have a lesson plan for them, but that goes to show how big of a role the spirit plays in teaching. Then we had dinner with Sister S, a really cool story of growing up in Chile, moving to California at 17, being inactive for 20 years, now she's getting ready to go through the temple!

Friday was awesome! I'll tell you about it when we skype. :) actually, I'll just tell you about the rest of my week when we skype! Can't wait to see and talk to you!! 

love you! see you soon :)

How did she know I LOVE Little Mermaid?

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