Tuesday, December 30, 2014

First Big Change of the Mission!


First things first, transfer calls came on Saturday. Sister C was transferred to the desert to be a Sister Training Leader. I freaked out a bit because that meant I needed to know and be able to explain EVERYTHING to my new companion. I've only been out 6 weeks. I don't know even know the ward members, let alone how to teach our investigators! I have to keep reminding myself that I may not know the people, but the Lord knows them and their needs and He will help me to know how to help them. I think this experience will force me to grow way more than I would have if Sister C would have stayed. It will also force me to rely wholly upon the Lord. 
Transfer meeting was this morning at 10. I met my new companion; her name is Sister K. She's from Hawaii and has been out almost 1 year (in January). She's so fun. I can tell we're gonna get along great! Also, she doesn't have a driver's license so I'm the driver! AHHHHH. I had to drive home from Rancho with only printed out directions & we only had to stop & ask for directions once!

I'm a little sick. I feel fine, but you can tell by the way I sound that I'm sick. Oh well. Life goes on. Missionary work goes on! But I'll be honest, the last 2 days I've been in a daze. with transfer calls and Sister C packing and cleaning the house & saying bye to people. It's been weird. Not much work has been done, but now that things are normal, we're back to work tonight! it'll be good.

New Year's Eve we're eating dinner with a really cool couple, the Bs. I'm pretty positive we have to be inside by 6pm, so I don't know what we'll be doing on that night. No plans yet for New Year's that I know of. We probably have dinner, but I don't remember. I'll let you know next week :)

Wednesday was Christmas Eve! We went caroling during the day: weirdest thing ever. so awkward. no wonder everyone goes caroling at night! Then we had dinner at the M's. Their home is up in the canyon and is gorgeous! President and Sister Hobbs were there. After that, all of us sisters in the zone went caroling!

CHRISTMAS! We woke up and opened presents! I got a couple presents from members of the ward, you, Jake, Jeff, and Tess. Studied then went over to the M's. They fed us breakfast and then we skyped :) Skyping was fun, it was good. It wasn't hard saying bye, luckily. After that, we left and spent the afternoon at home studying and other things. 
We had a dinner appointment at 5:30 with the Ps. At 5:20 one of our investigators, C, called us in a panic. He was drunk & depressed. He was in a very dark place. Sister C got on the phone with him and I went into our bedroom and prayed for him & for her to know how to best help him. It was pretty scary. Thank goodness for the guidance of the spirit. We were able to talk him through things and testified boldly of God's love for Him and that He has a plan for Him and how this church and this gospel is what he and his family need and how it will bless his life so much. We were able to set up an appointment to go to his house the next day and get him a priesthood blessing. After dinner we went caroling for the last time with our zone! 

Friday we were inside all day until our lesson with C at 6:30. President and Sister M came with us. We got there and C said he'd had a long day and didn't have much time to talk, but he agreed to a blessing. President M was the perfect person to take with us. He explained all about the priesthood and how C needed the faith that it would work. They also invited him and his kids to church and to come to their house sometime. They have a couple kids the same age as C's. The blessing was so powerful and the spirit was so strong. We've never seen C smile, but after the blessing he was glowing! It's amazing to know that man can hold a portion of God's power and use it to bless the lives of others. 
After the lesson it was 7:30 and we hadn't had dinner yet, so we decided to visit people for the next 30 minutes and take dinner at 8. We went to visit the R family, a less active family in our ward. Since I've been here we've knocked on their door at least 4 times with no answer, but lo and behold they answered!! Brother R told us that his brother just passed away on Christmas Eve so he'd really like us to come by and visit them. We set up an appointment on Tuesday to go back. We'll teach the Plan of Salvation.

Saturday. Transfer info came. Much of our zone is changing. Like I said, Saturday and Sunday were kind of a daze, I think I was in shock. But anyway, we went to see a less active member and talked to him for a little bit about motorcycles, which I know nothing about, reason 1 I'll miss Sister C. Then the guy across the street was painting his garage and I told sister C that I LOVE painting! So she told me to talk to him about that. So I did. Unfortunately he didn't need any help :( He thought we were Jehovah's Witnesses at first. He was super friendly and said we can come back whenever. Side note: he had the radio on and Taylor Swift's new song 'Blank Space' was playing. GOOD SONG. It's those little things that put a smile on my face :) we went to the R's home for dinner because it was their daughter's wedding reception. good food! after that we went home and Sis C packed and I worked on my talk for Sunday! yippeeee..

Sunday we had ward coordilation (coordination/correlation) with Brother H. (OH I FORGOT TO SAY THIS LAST WEEK. last Sunday Brother H aligned my neck. (he's a chiropractor) I figured it might help me have less headaches. he felt my neck and asked if I'd been in an accident...haha he cracked it a bit and when i stood up I thought my head was going to roll off my neck. I had no idea my head could turn that far! I'm still not normal, but he said I can get there eventually. hahaha)  Then ward council, then sacrament meeting where I got to speak! eh, it was alright. I talked about how we can do small good things everyday of our lives to be examples of Jesus Christ and have missionary opportunities. People seemed to like it, idk they were probably just being nice. Sunday night we had dinner with the other P family in our ward. They have a grandson named J who is my little buddy. He sat by me on the couch. SO CUTE. I just want to hold him, but that's against the rules :(

Today we drove to Rancho at 9 and met our new companions! that's about all I got for today :) Ummm, I haven't picked a favorite scripture yet. I'll try to do that this week and tell you next week. THERE'S TOO MANY GOOD ONES.

I'll send pictures too!
love you and thank you for everything :)
xoxo Sister Viraldo

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