Wednesday, June 10, 2015

It's June?! - Email from June 1

Where does time go? It's JUNE!!!! The weather this past week was super hot! Upper 80s & 90s. But this week it looks like it will be mid 70s, which is perfect. 

My teeth are feeling way better. Not perfect, but better. So Tuesday I talked to Ruth, who works at the dentist office & asked if they would be able to fit me in with Sister 'Otuafi on Friday because I was in a lot of pain. She called Dr. Kevin & told him the situation then asked if we could come in the next morning, Wednesday, because the situation could get a lot worse from then to Friday. So we went in on Wednesday morning & they did a root canal. It went pretty well. They put me on laughing gas which was awesome. :) I go in next week for my permanent crowns.

back to my week:
Tuesday we had dinner with the Erickson's (ward mission leader), then a lesson with Sister H. We read 3Nephi 17 with her, Sis. 'Otuafi & I had been studying that just the other day & it's a great chapter, so we read that with her. All of 3Nephi is great! Also, Sister H gave us a referral! yay!

Wednesday after the dentist we came home & had lunch, then a lesson with Betty & Mary, M family, dinner with the Slappers, lesson with Evan & Georgia W, & Sammie & Josh A. With Sammie & Josh we watched Meet the Mormons! It was so great. 

Thursday morning we had a lesson with Loralee G. You might remember me talking about her a few weeks back. She was a media referral ( referral). & she is kinda crazy. Not as crazy as C....a different kind of crazy. We taught her once, had a pass-off service with the Wrightwood elders because she lives in their area, and then they passed her back to us...hahaha. Anyway, we taught her the Restoration & at the end committed her to read & pray about the Book of Mormon & she said "no". She also told us how she doesn't believe our religion is true. You can imagine how frustrating this lesson was...maybe you can't, but let me tell you, it was. She's friendly to us, but is totally closed off to the Spirit. We did ask her if she wanted us to continue teaching her & she said "yes", so technically she became a new investigator, but we'll see what happens this week when we teach her. If she's not willing to read the Book of Mormon, she is not prepared; therefore, we're not going to be continuing to meet with her. 

Later that day we did and then realized that the library volunteer orientation was that night! President Pratt told us that we should volunteer at the library, so we decided to sign up & needed to go to an orientation before we could start. So we stayed for that & guess what I learned! I learned my ABC's! :) afterwards we had dinner with the Huttons. We thought we were going to be eating at 6:30, but alas, the food wasn't ready until 7:30, so we went outside with Kaylee & Karlee (their granddaughters, age 7 & 2). Then we had a lesson with Mandy! She's so great. I don't know if I've written much about her, but she is 16 & was baptized in February. She has such a sweet spirit & is just really cool. She has blue hair. But since I've met her, she's had blue, pink, black, & white..maybe purple too. I don't remember.

May 29 - HAPPY BDAY, EMMY :)

Friday was great because we were able to get all our weekly planning done in a couple hours! YAY. Then we went to see people on the list our ward council gave us & had a few awkward encounters. We got up to a house with a locked gate, so we decided to leave a note. We wrote the note & I got out of the truck to stick it in the gate. As I was doing that, a woman & man came out of the house & I asked if Eli H lived there & they said no, & I looked behind me & was like "ahhh, where's my companion?" It was weird talking to someone alone. 

Pretty much everyone we tried to see wasn't home or didn't live there anymore. YAY FOR THE DESERT. We went tracting & met this really sweet lady who, when she found out Sister 'Otuafi was from Tonga, let us in so she could get our number. Her friend that goes to their church is from Tonga & she wants them to get together. After tracting for a bit we ate plums of the not-so-ripe plum tree. We didn't have a dinner apt that night so we ate at 7 & had exchanges at 8:30.
Plum tree
So Saturday I was in Hesperia with none other than my trainer! It was really great. but oh so HOT. We visited a few less actives then went tracting on a street & gave out 2 copies of the Book of Mormon! Woooo. It was a great day, but it was nice being back home that night :) 
In Hesperia with my trainer
Sunday was a pretty great day. Alexis came to church, so we got to go to Primary! Except last week we went to Primary, Sunday School class anyway, without Alexis. haha. After church we had a lesson about baptism with her & set a date for June 20th! After our studies we had a lesson with C. She's still crazy, but it was by far the best lesson we've had with her. Then we visited Virgie & Diane. We decided to teach the missionary lessons to Virgie since she doesn't remember a thing & we'll just hit 2 birds with one stone..I mean teach 2 people with 1 lesson...because Diane always listens to the messages we share, so we taught the Plan of Salvation. It got sidetracked a few times because these ladies love to talk, but we got through it all & the Spirit was definitely there. Diane said she had goosebumps & that she believes it's true. The only thing is, I don't think she understands that it's only through faith in Jesus Christ & baptism into His church by His authority does this work. Anywho, it's a HUGE step in the right direction! 

We again were planning on having dinner at 7 & language study at 8, but wanted to stop by the Dyerly's to grab a cookie & Brother Dyerly wanted us to read Helaman 1 with the kids for their family scripture reading. So we didn't get home until 8, but then just had a chill night because Sister Otuafi wasn't feeling well. We still haven't been able to contact's sad & frustrating, but it's missionary work.

Well, that's about all I have for this week though. I hit my 7 month mark on Friday! CRAZY, huh? Maybe when people ask me how long I've been out & I tell them, they'll stop responding "oh so you're pretty new then"'s gettin' real old.

always thinking & praying for you. love you so much!
xoxo Sister Viraldo

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