Thursday, November 12, 2015

“Oh, Please Don't Bother Me"

S came to church!
we got 6 referrals
& hot sauce 
oh & an old lady telling us not to bother her 

that pretty much sums up my week.
xoxo Sister Viraldo


I was very tempted to leave that last email & call it good, but I know you wouldn't be very happy with I'll give you my boring list of things I did each day this week only because I love you ;)

Monday we had dinner at the Lathams & then had Family Home Evening with Alissa and Kealin. We read President Uchtdorf's article in October Ensign "Finish with your torch still lit" & then we played Apples to Apples.

Tuesday we had district meeting. President & Sister Hobbs came. Sister Hobbs was in our district meeting & she asked me if I was drinking moonshine....? idk what that was until I asked Sis Anderson. Hahaha I was drinking cinnamon apple herbal tea in a mason jar. We had dinner with Sister Kunz at Mile High. She gave us the name of 4 of her friends she wanted us to visit!
We had our scripture study class that night & had a good turnout (mainly because a couple YM came because they forgot they didn't have mutual, so they stayed for our class)
IT SNOWED!!! pics to follow

We talked to a lot of people this day! We met a couple of Sister Kunz's friends & they were super sweet, just like her. M always asks lots of questions, but says she's "too open minded", but if she were to go to church it would be ours. Then D was super sweet too & seemed open to us coming back :)

We tracted into a lady that told us "oh please don't bother me!" She said please, but don't mistake that for kindness. She was pretty rude about it. We just laughed it off haha. Then we had dinner with the Heiners. Sister Heiner is Primary president. We asked who they knew who could use the message of the gospel, & she said "you know every time you bring it up in ward council this name always comes to my mind. I guess I should listen to the spirit." She told us about her friend H & one of her daughters who is friends with the little Heiner girl. 

Thursday (1 year wooo)
We met Sister Heiner's friend, H. She wasn't super open, but said she lets her kids decide & "if she wants to be Mormon, then that's fine!" haha. But on Sunday Sister Heiner told us that she talked to H after we met her & she said she'd like to sit down & talk with us. Hopefully sometime soon us 4 will be able to do that! :) We had dinner with Sister Peacock & Amber, her 12 year old daughter. We then taught Amber the Plan of Salvation.

Friday was good

Saturday we did a lot of missionary work! Haha not that we don't do missionary work every day, but most days meetings, service, & other things are mixed in. But on Saturday we had 6 straight hours of missionary work! It was great, although for some reason not many people were home.

Sunday was amazing! Sacrament meeting featured the Quinn family. Bradford just got home from his mission in Japan on Friday & he as well as his parents both spoke. Also, all the Quinn siblings (3 girls & 2 boys) + a future son in law sang "Come, Follow Me" in 5 different languages! English, Russian, French, some filipino language, & Japanese. It was way cool. 

Also, L and his dad came to church! Idk how he took it. I did hear some comments he was saying to Sis Hancock during Sunday School. There really couldn't have been a more perfect Sunday for him to come though! We're not sure where he is with allowing L to be baptized. As of now, it's a no go.
We do have dinner with Sister Hancock & L tonight! She feeds us every other Monday when she has him :) We also visited the Dabells & the Bradys. Gooood stuff.

Sorry this letter is so lame.  You'd think I'd get better at writing about my week since I've been doing it for a whole year! but I guess not.

love you so much! have another wonderful week :)
xoxo Sister Viraldo
The snow didn't stick at the elevation we're at, but up higher it did!

First snow!!


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