Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I LOVE LIFE (Jan 11 email)

First things first, transfers are today & I got a new companion, Sister Bergstrom, whom I adore. Sister Wood got her dream call, white wash training! She's now serving down the hill in Alta Loma. This last transfer was so great & I'm sooo excited to see what good things will come this transfer! LIFE IS SO GOOD.
My new companion, Sister Bergstrom
This week was a really good week! We found 3 new investigators!!
One is M. M has been taught before by other missionaries & a few of her children were baptized last year, but she chose not to be baptized. She even started avoiding the Sisters. The ward wanted us to go by & see how she was doing (I'm telling you, this ward is amazingly caring & they're willing to help anyone & everyone). We went by to drop off some recycling for her & usually when we do that her kids answer the door & take the bottles from us, but this time she came down stairs & said "come on in". We were able to share a short message with her & ask if she'd be open to taking the lessons again & she agreed! ANSWER TO OUR PRAYER. 

Last week I talked about how we had a teaching appointment set up with a potential family, M & A. We DID have a lesson with them & it was soooo good! We pretty much got to know where they're at with religion & testify of God's love. M is unsure what he believes about God, but is open to finding out if He is there. A was crying almost the whole time & she was practically bearing her testimony to him "M, there's something missing" she would say. And before we left she mentioned how we brought so much peace into their home. It was so amazing. They are both wanting to learn more & hopefully their children will join in on the lessons as well. We have an appointment with them tonight! 

We went on 1 1/2 exchanges this week hahaha. First, on Thursday I stayed in Apple Valley with Sister Thomason. We set up a booth (aka a table & chairs & a few Book of Mormons & pamphlets) at Victor Valley College & it ROCKED. We made up a little survey asking questions such as "Do you have a belief in God?", "Do you feel like God has a plan for you?" "How do you find peace & joy in life?". As people would answer, we would ask subsequent questions & testify of God's plan for them. And then we'd ask if they're interested in learning more. It worked super well! 

Then the other 1/2 of the exchange was on Saturday with Sister Slater & Boswell. I went to their area & stayed with Sister Slater. It was a crazy day, because we got transfer calls at about 12:30pm. & they did transfers WAY different this time around. This time the only call we got was if you're leaving you need to pack your bags & you'd find out later where you're going. We found out Sister Slater was leaving & Sister Wood was leaving, so we exchanged back around 1:00. BUT while I was in Maple with Sis Slater, we saw a MIRACLE! We were trying a less active they're working with & no one answered. We were about to leave just as a girl pulled up in the driveway "ahh we love when this happens. it's so awkward." Sister Slater is just such a boss missionary, she said "well, can we come in & talk with you?" She agreed! Wendy is her name & she is a super sweet girl & is super interested in the gospel! We read the intro to the BoM with her, we asked her what it mean & she said "if you live the gospel, you'll know it's true" GOLD. She wants to read the BoM & better yet, she's interested in the YSA ward! SCORE!

that's about it for this week. 'twas a good one!
xoxo Sister Viraldo

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