Thursday, February 18, 2016

Heavenly Father is SOOO GOOD (Feb 15 email)

Ahhh where to start this email?! There's so much to write about I'm not sure how it will all happen!

So this week was one of the craziest & best weeks ever! We had 3 exchanges this week so it felt like I didn't even see Sister Bergstrom at all.
Being goofy, waiting for the Hermanas to come for exchanges
 Monday night we had a lesson set up with our investigator, P. We knocked on the door & a lady came to the door, (for the record, I've never met P) & we started talking to her like she was P & when we asked if we could come in she said "I think you're looking for my sister" hahaha yeah, that wasn't P, it was R. But we started talking about the gospel & asked if she'd be interested in learning more & she said yes! It was really a tender mercy that we didn't recognize it wasn't P at first, because then we were able to share the gospel with her. Sometimes awkward things pay off. So we picked up R & her 11yo daughter H as new investigators!

Tuesday we had a great zone meeting! Sister Bergstrom & I gave a training on visualizing what you learn. We had all of the missionaries draw their favorite scripture story! It was fun. 

Wednesday we went on exchanges with the La Mesa Hermanas. I stayed in my area with Hmna Landen & we saw so many miracles!!! The day started out pretty slow & I was worried it was going to be like that all day, but then I started praying & having faith that good things will happen as long as I'm aligning my will with Heavenly Father's. We met J, who was a YSA potential who's interested in learning more! After that we had a lesson with our 15yo investigator, E. We taught her the restoration & it went soooo well. The spirit was felt so strong & she recognized it! Then we went to try more potentials & met C, who wants to learn more & J, who wants to know what he can do to stand on the Lord's side at His second coming... "who's on the Lord's side who?" ;)  So in total we found 3 new investigators on Wednesday!

Thursday we went on exchanges with the Santa Fe sisters. So yes, back to back exchanges is CRAZY! I missed my comp :(  While I was in Hesperia, Sisters Bergstrom & Alder had a BOMB day contacting at VVC. & they taught S, who is now an investigator in YSA. 

Friday we luckily did not have exchanges! We had a good day of weekly planning, going to appointments that were cancelled & more planning. 

Saturday we went on another exchange with the Mesa Linda sisters. While in their area, Sisters Bergstrom & Thomason found 2 new investigators, A & P (bro & sis) :)

Sunday we had a regional stake conference broadcast! It was super good!
We had Valentine's dinner with the Schulthess', aka the last dinner with Wolfgang home, or should I say, Elder Schulthess. He goes into the MTC this Wednesday. It was pretty fun answering a ton of questions about the MTC & the field. 

Sister Bergstrom & I have just been in awe lately with the bounteous blessings the Lord has been giving us! We've been blessed with so many people to teach. The work in our areas is booming! As of now, we have 15 investigators in MN & 3 in YSA. Now the challenge is to get them all progressing! I'm so excited to see what else the Lord has in store for us & the people he's entrusted to our care. This is the best thing ever! Being a missionary is the greatest thing I could be doing. I LOVE IT.
love you all.
Sister Viraldo
Beautiful sunset out our apartment window

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