Thursday, February 25, 2016

Feb 22 Email

This is the start of a 7 WEEK TRANSFER! I'm still here in Apple Valley with my bestie, Sister Bergstrom. Sister Wagner got the call that she is whitewash training down the hill in Rancho. I'm SOOOO happy & excited for her. She'll be the best ever! 

Monday: super fun zone activity for pday!
At 8:00 we had a lesson with A, who is the daughter in law of a recent convert in MN ward. We met with her outside Quantico, for who knows what reason. We did How To Begin Teaching with her, which is pretty much what you first do with people--helping them see how the gospel can bless their life & promise blessings. A is so needing the gospel! She is so prepared. We were able to set a baptismal date with her for April 16th! :)

Tuesday: Sister Bergstrom gave a training on juggling cuties & it was awesome. I'm getting pretty good at juggling. I'm learning some really handy things on my mission: juggling, flicking cards, finger snapping, etc... ;)

The best district ever! This transfer we found a total of 60 new investigators! This district is on FIRE!? It's the best thing to be in a district & zone that works hard, has fun, & sees miracles! AVZ #expectmiracles

Tuesday evening we had a lesson with our investigator A...or Michael...or the Arch Angel...hmm not sure what to call him, but anyway HE'S AWESOME! He is so prepared for the gospel. He's a little rough around the edges, but sometimes people like that are the most prepared! We set a baptismal date with him for April 9th. :) Oh, he likes to be called Michael btw...

Wednesday: We went on exchanges. I got to be with Sister Huntington for the day! We actually were in the MTC together & came out to the field the same day. I've never been able to serve around her, so it was nice to be with her for the day. We even had the chance to be with Sister Hobbs for a little while. We took her to a lesson with our investigators J&E. 

Thursday: Was a day of the dentist. Sister Bergstrom is prepping to have a tooth implant surgery next month, so yeah. Super fun times at the dentist! 
Friday: We did some of our weekly planning at Pep Boys, getting our oil changed & tires turned. Lots 'o fun. And then we had to pick up Sis. Bergstrom's prescription at CVS. It was actually kind of hard to feel like a real missionary on Friday. Both Sister Bergstrom & I agreed that not feeling like a missionary is the worst thing in the world. Temporary joy was felt, but true joy comes from service.

Saturday: For exercise we hiked the hill behind our house & looked over the beautiful desert! 

We finished weekly planning & had a lesson with our investigator, J, who doesn't know it yet, but will be baptized one day. It's funny when you teach people & they don't see it, but their views & beliefs line up perfect with what we teach & believe. His wife, D, doesn't really want anything to do with us, though. 
Sunday: We were SO hoping Michael would be coming to church. He really wanted to, but for some reason was held up somewhere...ahhh. It's okay, next week for sure! 

To answer your question...yes we go to both wards every Sunday! It's superrrr long & draining, but also pretty awesome. It was hard only going to one every other week because you didn't get to know the members that well. We have ward council in MN at 7:30, church at 9 & we stay most Sundays until 11 and then head to YSA for ward council at 11:30, church at 1 & we're done by 4. 

​So this week was a really good week mixed in with some things that you don't want to have to do as a missionary, but that needed to be done. All I can say is that I LOVE doing this work. It's so hard, but nothing I've ever done has brought greater peace & satisfaction. I love my Heavenly Father. I know His plan is real & good. 

My thoughts & prayers are with you.
Hope you all have a wonderful week & never forget your Heavenly Father LOVES YOU SO MUCH. 
xoxo Sister Viraldo

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