Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Another Week of Miracles!

It's been another amazing week full of miracles!
This past week we got a referral from our Bishop who was contacted by a professor from Southern Virginia University. When he was teaching English over in China, he had a student named M who learned about the church from him. Recently she moved to Chino Hills and passed by our church building, took a picture with her phone & sent it to the professor saying "Is this your church?" and that she'd like someone to come teach her. We met her on Tuesday and taught her the Restoration. We also taught her how to pray & invited her to be baptized. She didn't know what baptism was, so I explained that to her. She said she'd really like that!  
On Friday we went back with Mama B & asked her if she read 2Nephi 31 that we left with her. She had read it twice & had a couple questions. (her English is really good, but she gets confused on some things) Then we asked her if she'd been praying. She said "the night you taught me how I knelt down and prayed if what you are teaching me is true & I got this feeling like something i've never felt before. Calm and peaceful" We asked her if she knew what that was and she said "I think it's an answer that what you are teaching me is true" AMAZING!! She prayed to know & she got an answer! I asked her how she felt about her baptismal date for March 14 and she said "I really want to, but I don't know if I'll be ready" so we promised her that we would help her feel ready, but she doesn't have to know everything. She's really really excited. Her husband still lives in china and is working so we have to see how he feels about that. Also, she has 2 boys: C, 5 and J, 8. We're going to start teaching them as a family this week, so J can be baptized too!

On exchanges with Sis M
Wednesday I went on exchanges in Rolling Ridge (which, if you don't remember, is right next door to my area) with Sister M, who is from Mexico! It was a really great day, although we didn't get to teach much. BUT we did have a lesson with a less active who is a crazy cat lady!!! I asked how many cats she had & she said "too many. it's actually embarrassing" I couldn't get an exact number out of her, but I know she has AT LEAST 6 or 7 because they were all in her living room, but she has a lot more! needless to say it smelled in her house, but she was a really sweet lady. As I was on exchanges we got a text from Carbon Canyon saying "NEW INVESTIGATOR!" Sis K and Sis H were in my area & they had a lesson with a lady that we met last week, E. I guess they had a really good & spiritual lesson with her. YAYAYYY. 

So if you've missed the math, in a total of 6 days we found 7 new investigators!

This week we went around to the kids that we were teaching to give out permission slips. So far we got one YES, and 2 NO...we're unsure about 2 of them, still praying that their parents' hearts will be softened and they will want to continue to learn, but even if this doesn't go much further, we are definitely planting some good seeds with these kids that will one day be harvested! :)

Sunday was really good as always. We did more beatitudes. It's always a fun experience. At our ward coordilation meeting, Brother H challenged us to give "spiritual compliments". He does this a lot. He feels prompted to compliment someone, but has no idea what he's going to say, so he just opens his mouth and goes by the spirit. It probably sounds weird, but he's amazing at it. So he gave us the challenge to do it 3 times this week, once with each other as a companionship, once to someone we haven't met yet, and another time. We'll see how that goes!
Grapefruits from Sis S!

Hope you have a great week!

xoxo Sister Viraldo

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