Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Post from letter of March 2!

hello one & all!

This week has been really good. Things are going SUPER well with M, our Chinese investigator. She is GOLDEN! She's progressing so stinkin' fast. Her baptism is scheduled for Saturday, March 14. She wants her son to be baptized as well, but he doesn't know English much so tonight we're going over with the Chinese elders so they can teach him. She's been to church twice now & doesn't look like she'll be slowing down anytime soon. She's one of us now ;)

Last Monday we had zone activity. We played "indian ball" which is pretty much just ultimate frisbee but with a football. It was super fun, especially because it started raining! After a while we all went inside & I played "around the world" with some of the elders. You should see me, I'm better than some (sometimes all) of the elders. I'm pretty good at shooting; they're all surprised, haha. Then we had dinner at home with mama B & E. E made some delicious enchiladas :)

Tuesday we had a lesson with M in the morning. It was awesome. Then we had district meeting where I had to give a training on chapter 2 in Preach My Gospel, "live what you learn" and "studying and teaching" or something like that. I guess it was good, idk. Then we went home and had to finish weekly planning that we were supposed to finish on Friday. We had to do more this week because we had to update all of our less actives and put new information about them. It took FOREVER. But it's really, really super duper important to have an updated Area Book so you remember what you have done/who you have seen & so other missionaries will know that too. 

We had dinner at the K's!! DELICIOUS food. she's an amazing cook! I love them! Then we were supposed to have a lesson with C at the church, but of course he didn't show up. We haven't seen him in so long! Sister K hasn't even met him, so that goes to show how long it's been. (over 9 weeks). Then we went to visit a less active in our ward, Sister L, who recently broke her foot, so we've been going over to visit about twice a week. She's a very pessimistic & cynical person, so we try to brighten her day and help her be more positive by telling her the miracles that we have seen that day & asking what miracles she's seen. We've already seen a change in her!

Wednesday we had another lesson with M. We taught her the Plan of Salvation. She absorbed it really well. AMAZING THING: that night her son couldn't sleep and asked her to tell him a story & so she told him the Plan of Salvation!!! How incredible is that?! He was asking a bunch of silly questions she said, but it's all SO new to him he doesn't know! Then we had a great lesson with J. She's progressing really well. Since her & her bf have broken up, she's been at church a lot more & looks different. Better. We put a bunch of sticky notes on her door reminding her to pray and to read her scriptures. Then we had to finish our planning........tell me about it.

Then we went to see the Bs. Mama B & Sister B have been hanging out a bit & she told her she wants to find Jesus. We're going to try to ask her if she wants to take the lessons. We're not sure if she's ready yet, but we'll see. We had dinner at the H's and then we went to try people. There's a less active/part member family, where she is a member, her husband is not, they have 2 sons age 3 & 1 1/2. We hadn't been able to meet them for a few weeks, but they pulled into their driveway right when we got there. We ended up talking with them for about 30 minutes out in their driveway. It was amazing because the husband I saw was wearing a Detroit Tigers hat so we were able to connect on that and talk about the Tigers, Red Wings, and a little about UofM and MSU. His dad is from Detroit, so he's a big Detroit sports fan. It was awesome!! They're an incredible family. Hopefully we'll be able to meet with them this week & start teaching them :)

Thursday we did service at the thrift store then had a lesson with M and her daughter S. We taught them about hope & faith & how they take action. We did a little activity with S. We had a basketball & said we hope that it gets in the hoop, but in order for that to happen, we need to take some action in getting it there. It was really cool because she tried to shoot it, but kept missing, so I showed her another way to throw it (granny shot) and she made it first try! It was cool to relate that to the hope & faith we need to have in Jesus Christ. Then we went home and had lunch then went to the library for We were supposed to have dinner at the C's but Sister C had the amazing opportunity to go see Elder Jeffrey R. Holland speak at a nearby college. I was SO JEALOUS. He's my favorite! But she made us dinner & we picked it up & ate it at home :)

Friday we got to weekly plan AGAIN! It took forever again....mainly because we had so much planning to do for M & what we need to do to reach her baptismal date of March 14th. We were pretty much inside all day, then went to see people. We met a less active, 18yr old, J. She's super friendly. Her neighbor is one of our investigators, so we stopped in to see her & she pretty much unloaded on us about the troubles she's having with her husband. She is having trust issues, because he's been lying to her. We helped her as much as we could, pretty much just telling her to pray. He ended up coming home when we were there. It wasn't too awkward though. She introduced us to him & told him that she really wants to meet with us and learn more. They're coming on a church tour tomorrow. We decided to just have dinner at 8 because we were eating at home anyway, so we got home at 8 had dinner, then planned at 9 & went to bed. 

Saturday we went into the canyon & tried potentials. It was a weird Saturday. Most Saturdays people are home & we get a lot of doors to open, but this Saturday was different. Barely any doors opened. At 2 we had a lesson with M. teaching her tithing & fast offerings.

Then we went to see Sister L again. We shared with her the Christlike attribute of charity/love. We gave her an activity to do. It's like a self evaluation of how charitable & loving you are, along with each question, there's a scripture. It's in Preach My Gospel, but you can find it online. After her, we went to see the Bs. They're a very sweet, old couple. Sister B spoils us! She's given us money to buy shoes & skirts. We're not really supposed to take it, but she insisted. She wouldn't allow us not to take the money. They're less active too. But really the only reason they don't come to church is because it's been a long time since they've been & she's simply scared. she's scared of people's reactions. It's sad really, because as a ward council we talk about them & how everyone would LOVE to see them back at church. We keep telling her that, but she's still scared. They also say they'll try to make it, but haven't yet. hopefully before I get transferred they will. 

Fast and testimony Sunday was amazing. The Spirit was so strong with the testimonies that were borne. The H family (she just had a baby and they have another son; the ones who speak Italian & spanish to their boys) blessed the baby, and her mom bore her testimony in Spanish. I got maybe 40% of what she was saying, but it was still so spiritual. We ate dinner at the B's & then had ward coordilation.

I got a priesthood blessing by Brother H & it was amazing. I've been concerned and worried about whether I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing, MEANING am I going to the right areas? am I visiting the right people at the right times? for some reason it's been harder than usual, but in my blessing it said, "have the assurance that you are doing what you're supposed to be doing, when you are doing it, and where you are doing it" it was amazing.

Something that I've been thinking about lately is making sure to follow every prophetic counsel, even if it seems impossible. With sacrifice comes blessings. Lately I've become addicted to watching General Conference. I watch it every chance I get hahaha. love you all so much. I'm praying for you.

xoxo Sister Viraldo

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