Thursday, March 19, 2015


So this week was somethin' else....
Picking mandarins, yay!!

Monday we had a really fun zone activity. We played capture the flag with nerf guns in the church parking lot. My team was really terrible, but it was still fun! Monday night we set up a dinner/fhe at the R's home with M & her family. They invited a couple other families in the ward and the Chinese Elders were invited. The dinner & lesson went really well & everyone seemed to have a good time! After that, we went home to start our mission fast & begin our training for zone meeting.

Tuesday morning we had fun outside of our mission in Brea!! hahaha before you think sister K & I are apostate, we got permission to go to the eye doctor. Brother L in our ward is an optometrist who said we could come to his office & he would do it for us :) & MIRACLE!!! My vision got better! Crazy, right? My prescription used to be -3.00 & -2.75 but now it's -2.75 & -2.50, so it didn't improve by much, but STILL. after having fun in Brea, we went to zone meeting where Sister K & I had to give a training, after that we went to Let It Be, then went to try people. For dinner, we had leftovers from the Rs...ribs!! best way to break our fast for sure! That night we had a great lesson with M.

Wednesday we had a great lesson with J. We talked about Jesus Christ establishing His church. When I say "great lesson" I mean we talked for 50 minutes then had a 10 minute lesson.....  After we had lunch, then did We went over to the B's & helped D with her homework & watched the new video on about the 10 commandments. It's really good; if you haven't seen it, go watch it! Then we had dinner with the Hs. Then we went to an apartment complex where we had a lot of potentials to try, but of course, it being apartments, many of the potentials we had from 2010 had moved out. We did meet a couple people where we were able to give a short restoration message & leave them with the pamphlet & a card. That night we had a lesson with Sister R & it was really really good. We just had good conversation & watched The Hope of God's Light. 

Thursday we did service at the thrift store. Our lesson was cancelled, so we came home & had lunch then we went to the church to have a lesson with M. Thursday afternoon we had J's baptismal interview set up with Elder W (our district leader) & the Chinese elders (they had to translate) & we had 1 more lesson to teach M before her baptism. We all met at the church & as we were sitting with M, she started saying "I know it's late, it's already Thursday, but I don't know if I should be baptized on Saturday." My heart sunk. She told us that as she was handing out her invitations to her friends, they gave her some articles about how our church is different than other churches. She didn't give us details, but it was probably some Anti stuff. She said that she wants to know the difference between them. We, of course, talked about the Priesthood & prophets & the restoration, etc. She was still apprehensive. She asked another question, I don't remember what it was, but I remember not knowing how to respond...all I knew what to do was to straight up testify. So that's exactly what Sister K & I did. It was so powerful & the spirit was present. I cried a few times both from being emotional & the spirit was so strong. We asked her to pray that night. J went on with the baptismal interview & passed. Side note: when they asked him about tithing he said "my grandma gives money to Buddha...........but I give money to Heavenly Father." hahaha too funny!  Sister K & I were devastated (me more than Sister K). I was in tears. We prayed, we even fasted.
Anyway, Friday came along and we texted M to see if we could stop by and see her that day. She texted back & said that she prayed and thinks she needs to learn about other churches before she makes the decision to be baptized. It hurt, but Heavenly Father strengthened us. It was a hard thing to hear, & we were super sad, but at the same time we felt at peace, knowing that we did all we could and the rest is in His hands. I learned that no matter how much you plead, you cry, you pray, you even fast for Heavenly Father to give you something or allow something to happen, it's all in His timing. M & J will get baptized sometime; just not now. I'm still sad when I think about it, but I also know that Heavenly Father knows her & her needs & knows when she is ready to be baptized. 
So Friday was a very somber day. Weekly planning + fasting (usually we snack the whole time we're weekly's just what you do) + cancelled baptism + contacting as many people as you can & telling them the baptism is cancelled + everyone calling/texting asking what happened = makes for a really long, uneventful (as far as missionary work goes) day. We wouldn't have even left the house all day if it wasn't for Mama B taking us to get froyo at 8pm. We needed to get out of the house.

So our Saturday didn't go quite as planned, but we did see some miracles! We found 2 families who are interested in coming to church & at least 1 family wants us to teach them (mom & 2 girls) :) 
We were walking down the street going to try a potential. We had to cross the street to get to the house & a lady & 2 kids just pulled in a driveway. We could have easily walked right by because they were busy, but I just walked up to them & started talking with the mom. She was super friendly & we just started talking about the weather & how she used to live in Las Vegas & now she's here & wants her kids to learn more about Jesus & she even just bought her daughter a bible because her daughter has been asking about it & wanting to learn more. We invited her to come to church & she said she would love to, she even asked what to wear. She said she wants us to teach her to. She told us how she was so happy we came & talked to her. She saw us but didn't know if we would talk to her. Amazing!! She gave us her number & hopefully we'll be able to set up a time this week to teach her & her girls.
We had a stake RS dinner that night, but before that we decided to go visit a potential. We knocked on the door & a Chinese family (dad, mom & son) all answered the door was really adorable! I don't really remember what I said, I just know that it was kinda awkward, I think because usually at door approaches we start out with the Restoration, but since they opened the door as a family, I started talking about how we believe families can be together for eternity. We didn't talk much before the dad, P, asked what our church address was & said that they really want to come!
I started thinking about it, if the baptism would have happened, yeah it would have been WONDERFUL & M & J would have made that amazing covenant, but we wouldn't have met N & her two girls, who want to come to church and learn more, & we wouldn't have knocked into another Chinese family who want to come to church as well. Heavenly Father is so merciful. M & J will get baptized in the future, & now maybe these 2 families will too!

Sunday was our ward conference. The stake president gave a really good talk in Sacrament meeting & then we were all together 2nd & 3rd hour. President T & President S (who are actually both in our ward) taught. It was just a really good Sunday. Then we did beattitudes for Brother & Sister W & Brother T. We had dinner with Brother & Sister W & they invited J (our less active) & another single girl. It was fun. 
Then we had ward coordilation! THE BEST. Brother H was giving an analogy on how we are told to pray without ceasing & he compared that to being in the ocean & it raining. Being in the water is like always praying, always having that connection with Heavenly Father & listening to the promptings He gives us. And when it rains that is when we are saying our formal prayers. After he was done, I was sitting there & it was silent & I said "Can we wear floaties?" Brother H looked at me with a really serious look & said "I'm gonna slap you" & just busted out laughing. Harder than I've EVER seen him laugh. He thought my comment about floaties was so random & one of the funniest things he's ever heard. hahaha, so if any of you had doubts that I was funny, my Ward Mission Leader will attest to that! He said he's going to figure out how to incorporate that into a talk. hehehe.
In my priesthood blessing I got, something stood out to me. It said, & I'm paraphrasing: "Heavenly Father expects you to share your kindness, pureness, willingness & personal desires. Something you haven't done yet on your mission, but when you do this He will bless your family" sooooo I decided to stop being selfish & start doing those things because I want Him to bless YOU!! I'm still trying to figure out exactly what he means by sharing my personal desires, but I'm getting there! I'll do my best!

So, you get to find out next week if I'll be transferred!!  I don't know what will happen. Actually, if I leave, you'll probably find out before that because Mama B will probably post it to Facebook. haha. 
Love you all so much. Thank you for everything!! hope you have a great week.
Sister Viraldo

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