Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Post from Letter of March 9!

This letter is going to be really lame, so HEADS UP. I forgot my brain, aka my planner, & so did sister K, so we don't remember anything we did this week. hahaaha. I'll try my best to remember....

Monday we had a lesson with M and her son, J, with the Chinese Elders. The whole lesson was in Chinese, which was really cool, but also pretty awkward because we didn't say much at all.

Tuesday we had zone meeting pretty much all about getting ready for our mission fast that is happening starting tonight until tomorrow. It's a mission-wide fast to raise our expectations, strengthen our faith in Christ & help unite missionaries & members. After our zone meeting, we did service at Let it Be. 

After that we had a church tour with our investigator, E. She even brought her daughter, P! E speaks English pretty well, but doesn't understand a whole lot. We brought Mama B with us, which helped a whole lot! They talked a lot in Spanish. P speaks perfect English & is also fluent in Spanish, so that worked out! The tour went really really well for it being my first church tour. We started in the foyer with the pictures of Jesus & His apostles, down the hallway, showing her the gospel principles room, then we showed them the picture of Jesus visiting the people in America. P really loved that picture. Next we showed them the RS room, then the picture of the first vision. Then onto the chapel. After the tour, E said that this is like medicine for her. It was amazing. Also, she told us that the day before we knocked on her door, a close friend died. I told her that it was no coincidence that we came to her. Heavenly Father is acutely aware of her & her situation & sent us to her. She agreed :)

Wednesday we had a great lesson with M. We taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ & brought Sister W with us. After that we went home & made some calls & got details of M & J's baptism. That night we had a lesson with a less active family, the R family. We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ with a focus on the temple. They've made a goal to go to the temple as a family this year. 

Thursday we went to the thrift store, then had a lesson with M and her daughters, C and S, and then had lunch, then a short until our lesson with M & J with the Chinese Elders. We taught a little bit of this lesson! We taught them the word of wisdom. "NO COFFEE OR TEA?!" - M. hahaha She said she just bought a new espresso machine, but because she's SO AWESOME she said she'll just give it to a friend because "I'm not going to return it, it was such a great deal!" hahaha 

Friday, we had another lesson with M and brought Mama B. We taught the 10 commandments, keeping the sabbath day holy & the law of chastity. We went over all the baptismal interview questions with her  to prepare her. Then we had a great lesson with J. We talked about prophets! Then we weekly planned the rest of the day until our YM/YW fundraiser pasta dinner + auction. It was lots of fun. M & her family came. She even bid on an electric guitar that J wanted & WON! only $45

Saturday sister K was sick & slept ALLLLL day. we just had to get out of the house, so at 6:30 we went to get dinner at Panera, then yogurtland & they had pistachio & coconut froyo!!!! THE BESTTTT.

Sunday was awesome. After church we did the Beattitudes with Brother & Sister B in our ward. This was probably the coolest experience I've had yet with a couple. So, how we do it is Brother H prays about them on his own & comes up with one, I pray about them & get one, & Sister K prays about them and gets one. She & I will come together & see what each other got, sometimes we get the same, sometimes it's different & we choose. Then we go to their house & we present ours, then brother H presents his. We started with Sister B & turns out us & Brother H got the same one! (whenever that happens, that's cool) then we went to Brother B & when we told him he is a peacemaker, he told us all about how at his work that is literally all he does, he keeps the peace between the two bosses. It was amazing. Idk if that made any sense at all, but it was so spiritual. 

Then we went home to have lunch & studies, then dinner with the T's. Then we had a wonderful ward coordilation meeting, as always. We got the details worked out for the baptism! I'll be doing the musical number & singing "I Heard Him Come" a capella. We both got another priesthood blessing. I was told that the effects of the work that I'm doing here will take a long time to see & how it's affecting generations.

I'm so happy to be on a mission. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but here. It's something I never thought I'd do growing up, but am I sure glad that I did. Time is flying by & I'm trying to soak up every minute of it. I've been out 4 months already! pretty soon it will be 6, & that's 1/3 of the way done with my mission. That is so crazy to me. 

Spiritual note: this week in zone meeting, Elder G (ZL) mentioned how they were talking in MLC about the difference of believing in Christ and believing Christ. Not just believing that He is the Son of God & that He lived, died, and lives again, but believing His words. Believing that everything He has said, all the promises that He has made are absolutely true. Every word He has spoken & still speaks is true. 

Love you all &  I'm praying for you.
xoxo Sister Viraldo

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