Thursday, March 3, 2016

#expectmiracles (Feb 29 email)

Another week came & went & I'm not sure how to feel about it. Time is a weird thing. I know I say this all the time, but it's true. Anywho, this week was splendid! 
Lately our zone has been focusing on "#expectmiracles" & it rocks. So every night we text in our miracle of the day to our district leader & he texts at least 1 to the zone leaders who pick the top 1 or 2 & text it to the whole zone. It's been super awesome hearing about all the miracles happening in our zone! I've come to realize that as we expect miracles to happen, they do. 

This week we saw plenty of miracles:

#1 - Finally got in to meet with J, who has taken lessons with missionaries before, but wasn't ready. She's SO ready now & wants to be baptized! We set her date for March 26, but she was sick & wasn't able to come to church this week, so we'll have to push it back. We texted her to remind her to read & pray the next day & she said that she's been doing it every day! 
#2 - Had an awesome lesson with M. We taught him the Restoration & we asked him how it makes him feel & he said "relieved".
#3 - SO many people came up to our table at VVC! We got a bunch of potentials for the elders & a couple for us as well.
#4 - We were trying potentials & went to go see K&S. K & her dad, A, were outside & we stood there making awkward small talk for a few minutes until A said, "have you girls had lunch yet?" we hadn't. "here's $20. K, put some shoes on, go get Subway, & make complete sentences with each other." hahaha. So we went to Subway with K & while sitting in the booth eating our subs we taught her the Plan of Salvation & she wants to learn more! New investigator at Subway, for the win. 
#5 - Awesome lesson with A&D. Taught the Restoration, which is always good :)
#6 - We got to E's house a little bit early for our lesson & she texted us saying she wasn't going to be able to meet. Then a minute later she & her dad pulled up. We were able to talk with her for a bit before she left. Last time we taught her about the Restoration & invited her to pray about Joseph Smith being a prophet. We asked her if she was able to do that & she said "yes." We asked her if she feels like God has answered her prayers & how she feels about it. She said "Yeah, I think so. I feel good!" Ahhh she's so awesome! We're excited to set a baptismal date with her this week. Praying her parents give her permission!
#7 - FINISHED WEEKLY PLANNING IN ONE DAY! that is a miracle in & of itself.
#8 - Another great lesson with M in the Calder's home! Brother & sister Calder live directly across the street from him. So M has some good fellowshippers right there for him!
#9 - M CAME TO CHURCH!! Since being in this area I haven't had a single investigator at church, but M broke that streak! Everyone was so welcoming to him. The Sacrament meeting talks were on prayer, the Gospel of Jesus Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost, & enduring to the end) & teaching your children the gospel. There couldn't have been more perfect talks! Gospel Principles was more about the Holy Ghost & he gave the closing prayer! In it he thanked Heavenly Father for this new family & "we're all brothers & sisters". It was AWESOME! Also, Bro. Mazzola may be getting him a job at his company. The elders were so kind to take him to Priesthood & they told us he stood up & introduced himself. He said "this is the best experience I've had at church, I'm definitely coming back." 

So yeah, there's just a few of the miracles we witnessed this week.
Tomorrow in district meeting I was asked to train on expecting miracles. I'm not sure how it will go down. BUT I do have a testimony of expecting miracles not only in missionary work, but in every day life! Any righteous desire you have, go to your Heavenly Father in sincere prayer & ask for what you need. He WILL answer you. He loves us so darn much & wants us to be happy. 
Hope you all have a wonderful week & always expect miracles.

xoxo Sister Viraldo

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