Monday, March 28, 2016

The Lord is preparing people! (March 21 email)

"Find the prepared, teach repentance, baptize converts"

I guess I didn't fully understand that statement until this week. Throughout my mission I've tried to find the prepared. Most of the time we meet those who are needing a little direction in their life & good experiences with the gospel, but who aren't quite prepared to receive it.

I didn't understand until I met Jane. Jane is the most prepared person I've ever met. She is kinda dating a member, so she's been exposed to Mormons a little, but didn't know much at all. She messaged a member in the YSA one day saying that she wants to learn more & that she's coming to institute. She came to institute & we met her afterwards. We set up a lesson for Saturday, but when we got home we thought, maybe we can meet with her tomorrow...? We texted her & she said yes! 
Friday we brought Jayleen with us to teach Jane. We asked her about her experiences with the church & she said she went to stake conference last week & one of the talks was about a happy marriage. She explained how she just felt so good & happy & started crying. Then she mentioned how every Sunday she goes to family dinner with her boyfriend's grandparents & afterwards they read scriptures. She again explained how she feels when she's there by "a blissful feeling". We helped her recognize that those feelings she gets are from the Spirit telling her the things she is learning are good & true. 
We talked to her about how she can have those feelings & the Spirit's guidance always when she is baptized & receives the gift of the Holy Ghost. She said "I want that! But I want to learn more first." We couldn't help but laugh & say "Oh, don't worry...we HAVE to teach you more first!" We set a baptismal date with her for April 16th
Saturday the Desert Knolls sisters (Sister Hammond & Pinto) had a baptism. Susan got baptized! I was on exchanges with Sister Hammond a couple transfers ago when we found her :) Sister Wagner was able to come up from Rancho to attend the baptism, so it was nice seeing her. We invited Jane to the baptism too, and she absolutely LOVED IT!! She asked "can you just dunk me in the pool now?" hahahaha  During the intermission, the Restoration dvd was shown, which was perrrrfect!
Then as if Jane hadn't seen enough of us, we had another lesson with her that evening & brought a couple new friends for her. (she really wants friends too, which is great because we need her to have friends. BUILT IN FRIENDS YAY!) We asked her what she thought of the baptism & she loved it, of course, and then we asked about the Restoration video & she said "I believe it. Joseph saw what he said he saw." "How do you know that?" "I feel it!"  That night she texted us asking why we don't drink coffee & we explained to her that through revelation we know it's not good for us. She texted back saying "ohh that makes sense! I'm gonna give up coffee for the month & see how it goes." She came to church yesterday & loved it! She's the most amazing person ever. Ahhhh, I can't explain how amazing she is & how much I love her!

This gospel is so true. It changes lives. The Holy Ghost testifies of all truth. 
love you all,
xoxo Sister Viraldo

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