Friday, August 14, 2015

Email from 8-10-15

Hey Mom!!!!!

No more chicken massacres, but this week was really good. It flew by! I know I say that every week, but it's true. 

People have been telling me "oh they're getting some weather back east!" but it doesn't sound like it's hitting Michigan much? I'm glad you're enjoying the sunny weather (although you need rain), remember when you asked Marie if they ever get sick of sunny weather because you couldn't believe it?! Well, I am so sick of the sun. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for the beautiful sun, but life is GOOOD when it's cloudy. Especially when it's raining & storming! YIPPEEE. 

You're right on the money with the whole dirt thing. (Dirt yards instead of grass)  I thought I mentioned to you that since we're in a drought people are getting paid MONEY to get rid of their grass: "green for grass". But even before that started happening, yeah, there's veryyyyyy little grass here. Only a few places: the church, schools, & about 1/27 houses & those houses that have grass maybe have a couple square feet of it.

That tarantula I sent a picture of belongs to the Walters family who moved into the Oakhills ward which is right next door, but not in our area, so unfortunately I don't think I'll have another chance to hold it...

Remember last week I told you about Antonio walking into church? Well, we had a lesson with him this week. We talked about how the gospel can bless his life & help him become the person Heavenly Father wants him to be. He has a great desire to change & improve his relationship with Christ but isn't sure how. I felt prompted to invite him to baptism, but I didn't want to take that opportunity away from Sister Wagner (like I did last time). ut I didn't know if she was feeling the prompting too or if she'd act on it, so I kicked her leg subtly & pulled out a Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet & turned it to the page about baptism. She got the hint & like a pro invited him to be baptized. He didn't say "yes", but he didn't say "no". He said he wants to understand & get to the point where he wants & asks to be baptized. We still felt good about the invitation & that we were supposed to do that. We introduced the Book of Mormon to him & invited him to read the testimonies. We gave him a Spanish & English copy. After the lesson, we had dinner with the Castros then a lesson with Mandy, and then with Sammie!

Wednesday after volunteering at the library we went to contact a referral from the Andersons. Brother Anderson wanted to to visit a woman named Yuridah who is renting on of their houses. He told us she's really nice & Jehovah's Witness. We were kinda wondering why he sent us there, because she's not just JW, she's active & on Fridays she goes door to door.... Well, we went anyway & we couldn't believe who answered the door! A lady we see regularly at the library who has THE cutest 5 year old son. She was super sweet & gave us water. Our conversation started slow, but quickly progressed to her telling us how much she LOVES the Bible & there shouldn't be any other book besides it. We bore testimony of the Book of Mormon & that's all we could really do. It was interesting talking to a JW..something I've never done before. It's awesome how much they love the Bible, but sad that that keeps them from opening up to any more scripture the Lord would send forth. So many people try to limit God on what He can & cannot do. If He sees fit to send more of His word to His people (and why wouldn't He?) who are we to reject it? It's our job to find out if it really IS from God! 
Also, Wednesday I hit 9 months. 

                                                  How I felt about hitting NINE MONTHS

Thursday I had my FINAL dentist appointment! They re-did a couple fillings & sanded in between my teeth that was causing sensitivity when I flossed. Hopefully I'm all fixed now & won't have to go back!

Saturday we spent a good 3 hours roaming around the desert with little luck, but miraculously we happened upon a less active lady we've been trying to find but our gps didn't know how to get us there! We tried a potential & she said that her neighbor is Mormon, "Jo" & she was just getting home. We didn't think much of it, but when we got back in the truck we looked at our ward directory & found Jo R! She's the one we've tried to find. So we walked over to her house & she was SUPER nice & let us in. Her husband is not a member & is related to Joseph Smith. Cool huh?

That was pretty much my week this week.

Sister Wagner & I were planning on singing "Savior, Redeemer" in zone conference this Tuesday, but earlier last week Sis Hobbs (mission pres's wife) texted us saying "Sister Viraldo, we have a general authority coming for a mission tour in September. We would like to use your musical number for that instead of zone conference. Would that be ok?" So we'll be having a mission conference in September & SHE WANTS US TO SING FOR A GENERAL AUTHORITY. ahhhhhh! We've been practicing like crazy & so has Elder Spriggs! Poor guy, the song is hard to play, but he's a champ & learning it like a pro! The only thing is, the conference is next transfer, so who knows if we'll all be in the same zone? If it's a WHOLE mission conference it could work, but if it's split between the valley & desert, it could be hard...

I did read the VT message for this month! It was actually a message we shared with Sister Hutton about being meek & that quote you sent is the EXACT quote I wrote down on a note card & shared! Funny, cuz i loved it too :)

I love you & pray for you always! 
xoxo Sister Viraldo

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