Thursday, August 27, 2015

From the lows to the very highs (Email from 8-24)


I am doing really well. This week was a mixture of so many things! From the lows to the very highs.

Monday we went to hippie Dillon's house, but he wasn't there, so we went & delivered thank you notes. As we drove up to the Dyerly's house to deliver theirs, we saw Brother Dyerly outside & knew it was going to be a greater challenge than anticipated. We drove past their house, parked on the road & made our way to their house. Luckily, he was nowhere to be seen, so we ran up to the front door to stick the note in. As we were doing that, Bro Dyerly was walking up to his gate & began to close it. "Oh no! He's going to lock us in!" We surrendered. We had no choice but to make ourselves known. The plus side to being defeated was we got invited in to have birthday cake with his family for Kira's bday. & it was delicious.

Tuesday I gave a training in district meeting on "What we do & how we do it". The WHAT in what we do is teach the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The HOW in how we do it is with POWER & AUTHORITY. 

Later that day we did service for Sister Hemsley, who is just about out of her house and moving up to Wrightwood for the summers & to Arizona for the winters. We just helped clean bathroom floors & closets.  We ate dinner with the Chaffee's & the Perez family, which is a new family in the ward. They used to go to the Spanish ward in Victorville but became less active a couple years ago & just decided to come back & they want to come to our ward. They're a really sweet family!

Wednesday we had a lesson with Betty & Mary, volunteered at the library & I don't really remember what else. We had dinner with the LaFevers and then visited the Huttons at night.

Thursday was kind of a down day. We visited a few potentials we had & none of them are looking too promising. BUT we did get to see Virgie on her 89th bday! We also had a lesson with Diane. We talked about the Book of Mormon & the importance of it. The lesson didn't go all that well. She wasn't accepting the commitments we were extending too well. Not that she was rejecting them, but kind of hesitantly saying she'll read the Book of Mormon.

In all honesty, I was thinking we were going to need to drop her because she's not ready. As we were walking out the door, to our complete astonishment she said "did I tell you who's baptizing me?" Sister Wagner & I pause with amazed looks on our faces & say "What?" "Yeah, I want my nephew to baptize me in December when he gets home from Arizona." Our faces must have been in complete shock & excitement because she said "Look at your faces! I have goosebumps!"  So I asked Diane when she decided she wanted to be baptized, & she said "when you started coming over." I assumed she meant the sister missionaries in general, so I inquired more. "no, when you did. That's when I started thinking about it." I don't know if Diane is one of the reasons I was sent to Phelan, but now I believe I didn't hurt anything by coming. ;) 

DIANE WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED! We're HOPING we'll be able to teach her more & she'll want to move it up before December & her nephew can come up for the weekend. Yes, her nephew is a member & has authority to baptize her ;) He recently got back from a mission! So, that made us super happy & quickly turned the day around.

That night as we finished planning for the next day, Elder Wurst, our district leader, called us & asked how we felt about doing an "emergency district fast to find". We agreed without the realization just what that could mean for us. It was amazing that just at the right moment, after a couple days of feeling really low, he decided to do a district fast.

Friday we weekly planned for dayz. We did a little tracting & came across a house with a gate, but we opened it & made ourselves at home. A lady answered the door & let us in to talk. She is 7th day Adventist & very active in her religion. Unlike any of the other active Christians I've run into, she was super friendly & allowed us to talk. It was interesting hearing what her beliefs are, & surprisingly they are very similar to what we believe! I came to the conclusion that day that 7th day Adventists are my favorite religion other than ours. That might be a very ignorant conclusion, but a conclusion nonetheless. She told us that in the past she's just sent people away that have come to her door because of the different religions & she already has hers, but she told herself "the next time someone comes to the door I'm going to talk to them" & that was us!! No coincidences. 

Saturday was so great! We did quite a bit of tracting. We got in a couple's home who are Pentecostal. They gave us ice water, & we accepted. They tried converting us, but we declined. One thing that got me fired up was they were trying to tell us we believed in the Trinity. But in reality THEY believe in the trinity. They believe the Father, Son & Holy Ghost are one being, aka the trinity. I explained that we believe in the Godhead. We believe the Father, the Son, & the Holy Ghost are 3 separate beings. & they tried telling us that was the trinity.... If you're confused at what I'm saying, don't feel bad, I'm still confused myself. They offered us a couple pamphlets, but we also declined those. They were very friendly people, but I didn't like when she told us: "I will pray for you that God will reveal the truth to you". I got us out of there before they found another subject which to "prove us wrong" with.

As we were walking down the road the lady came out & said "where's your car?" "oh, it's just down the road here!" "Okay, do you want a sandwich?" "No, thanks though!" When we got into the truck we listened to Elder Holland's talk titled "The Only True God & Jesus Christ Whom He Sent". If you aren't familiar with this talk, I'd suggest you listen to it! It's amazing. He explains our doctrine of the Godhead and refutes the idea that some people have that we are not Christians. 

Sunday after church we had a lesson with Dillon W. It interesting one. He read 3 Nephi 11, which was the chapter we left him with, & much much more. He is really into researching things & finding differences between the Bible & Book of Mormon (which are only differences because he's interpreting the Bible incorrectly, but he doesn't know that). He enjoys finding deep doctrine that confuses him because of his lack of testimonial foundation (if that makes sense). On the plus side, he only finds excerpts from (or so he says) from Joseph Smith & Brigham Young. Either way, we bore our testimonies to him & encouraged him to open his heart & ask God for truth. That was probably the best drop-lesson I've had on my mission so far, so that's a plus! :)

My email this week is titled "from the lows to the very highs" because that is exactly what you experience on a mission. Specifically this week. I was feeling down for a bit but after that fast, even though we didn't find any investigators & even had to drop one that we had, I felt better than ever! I love this gospel. I know that it's true. It's always amazing to me to see how my testimony grows each & every day even when those I meet try to tear it down. I know that the Lord hears & answers prayers. I know this is His work & will not leave us alone in it. 

Thanks for the awesome email. I love & appreciate all you do for me!
Have a wonderful week & I'll talk to you next week.
xoxo Sister Viraldo

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