Thursday, August 20, 2015

"Take your missionaries and go!" (Email from 8/17)

It's been SOOO stinkin' hot here this week. I don't know the exact temp because we don't have a temp thing in the truck, but it's only been cooling off to about 80 at night. I am grateful for the dry heat though!
Eating lunch in the back of our truck one 100-degree afternoon

We didn't get to meet with Antonio this week. We called him a couple times and once he said he was busy working & then we called back a few days later & he didn't answer.

Yup, so I thought I was done with the dentist, too. A few days after they re-filled my cavities, one of my teeth was hurting even worse, but I gave it a few extra days to see if it would improve. It didn't. So I called & they got me in really quick. I love how understanding the Drs are. They just keep telling me how bad they feel & how I need to get better so I can be a missionary! I guess the cause of my cracked tooth is from clenching at night. Even though I wear a guard, I still clench & I can feel it in the middle of the night. I don't know what I can do to prevent it. I tried taking Magnesium like Joey said to relax muscles, but it doesn't seem to help. 

So Elder Falabella of the Seventy is coming for the mission conference in September. Hopefully everything will work out for us to be able to do our song, since it is next transfer. Elder Spriggs is playing piano for us. He's a Spanish elder here and he's 19. He is pretty talented. He couldn't just look at it & instantly play it, but he's put in a lot of effort in learning it & it sounds great!

This week has been pretty darn good & weird & kinda off.

Tuesday we had zone meeting from 10:30-1:15. Sister Wagner & I gave a training on referrals. Then we visited the N family & got our weekly dose of the news report. They make sure we stay updated, which is not always the best thing. It's good to know kinda what's going on so we can relate to those living in & of the world, I guess. We had dinner with the Bs. Sister B is a member & her husband is not. He loves to cook for us, though. Sister B hasn't told us herself, but she recently found out that she has cancer. She is so strong. 

Wednesday was a longggg day of meetings. We got up at 6:05 & left the house by 6:50 to get to the Apple Valley stake center by 7:30. Zone conference started at 8.  President & Sister Hobbs talked a lot about finding & different ideas to find. Sister Wagner & I are going to try singing to people on their doorstep! It's something I've heard of before, but always thought to be strange. But we're willing to try anything now & I've been told multiple times that I need to share the talent that I've been given....

One of Sister Hobbs' favorite sayings is: "YAGOTTAWANNA". Yagottawanna change, yagottawanna become like Christ, yagottawanna pray & read the Book of Mormon, etc. 

One of the craziest things that happened in the meeting, though, is when some guy from Salt Lake started telling us about these devices they are installing in all the missionary cars. It's a company called inthinc & the device is a tiwi. You can look it up for more information, but pretty much it records the car when you drive. It alerts you when you speed, accelerate & brake too fast, take sharp turns too fast & go over bumps too fast. For speed, it will say "check your speed" & you have 6 seconds to slow down without it being counted against you. Pretty much it rates our driving. Each week the mission president will get an account of how each missionary drove that week. I started freaking out because Phelan is all dirt roads with crazy bumps. I asked the guy about it & he answered me like I was dumb & said there should be no reason to get marked for going over bumps too fast; just slow down. That answer didn't satisfy me, because he's never been to Phelan! Luckily all the missionaries that HAVE been there understood & felt pity for me, haha. But Elder Schweider, our missionary car guy, just said not to worry about it & go slow. Luckily, I haven't had a problem yet. Twilla (we named our tiwi that) isn't as sensitive as they made her out to be.

The meeting ended at about 1:20, and then we had lunch for an hour or so. Then the sisters went into a room with Sister Hobbs & we had another little meeting. It was really nice.

On Friday we got 2 referrals from the referral system!! That was WAY cool. It's always great getting referrals. 

Saturday we did service for a family in our ward who's moving. And we contacted one of our referrals, Dillon. His best friend is serving a mission in Colombia & referred us to him. He was in the middle of dinner, so we set up an appointment for Sunday.  This next story is something so small & seemingly insignificant, but we definitely saw the Lord's hand in it every step of the way:

We pulled up to Dillon's house & there was a man walking down the street with a grocery bag who was taking fruit off of a neighbor's tree. We didn't think anything of it. After we talked to Dillon, we were going to visit Jessie, our other referral. I went down the wrong road & had to turn back on Dillon's road, and as we were driving past a house, we saw that same guy with the grocery bag climbing into the back window of a house. Sister Wagner pointed him out & we had no clue what to do. We didn't know the man, we didn't know who lived in that house. What if it was his house? What if it wasn't? What are we to do? I said "Isn't the Spirit supposed to tell us what to do? Let's listen..." *silence for a few seconds* Then sister Wagner said let's talk to his neighbor. So we went & parked & hurriedly made our way to the next door neighbor's home. A sweet old man opened up & we asked him if he knew his neighbor & that someone was climbing in the back window. He said "I know that they are kind of odd. They do weird things." He didn't seem too worried about it & we ended up talking to him more. He asked who we represent & we told him we're missionaries. He's been to other countries & has seen missionaries, "the white guys in white shirts who don't belong" haha. We didn't end up teaching him or setting a return appointment, but he told us to come by again sometime to talk. It's just so amazing how the Lord placed us on that street at the exact time we saw the guy going through the window so we could meet him. Who knows what will come of it, but it sure is amazing how the Lord works!

After that experience we went to visit Jessie, but she was asleep, so we decided to go tracting at 8pm. It was pretty dark, but beautiful outside. 

This is where my subject line comes into play. We decided to go to this one house that had a gate, but it was not locked!  So I knocked on the door & eventually a lady answered looking very angry that we were knocking on her door. I knew she wanted nothing to do with us, but nevertheless I said "hello, how are you doing?" "Um, it's a little late to be out, girls." "Oh, sorry. We're missionaries..." "Well, take your missionaries & go!” That's one I've never heard before! It's not fun when you meet people like that, but all you can really do is laugh about it. It's probably my favorite rejection line I've heard. 
Tracting in the dark

After that we tried another house & met (another) Dillon. He had a sign on his back door that said "Hippies use the back door." So we rightly call him Hippie Dillon. He seemed interested in our message, so we set up a time to come back & teach him on Monday.

Sunday was great! Sacrament meeting was all about missionary work :) After church we taught Dillon about the Restoration. He has Calvary Chapel background & other Christian beliefs & is very outspoken about them. He is willing to listen to us & he said he'd read & pray. I don't know how open he is to the Spirit, but we'll see next week when we have another lesson with him.

After that we finally met Jessie! She's a senior in HS & referred herself. She has Mormon friends & wanted to know more so she went on & ordered a Bible because she “wants to read more about what we believe" Haha so cute. She must've thought it's "our Bible" But we gave her the Bible & a Book of Mormon! Hopefully we'll be able to teach her soon.

That's about it for this week. I hope everything is well back home. Let my brothers & family know I love them & would love to hear from them. I wish I could write to each of them personally, but I don't have enough time. I'll try my best to do a little better though. I love & pray for you daily! Thanks for your prayers & support. I am strengthened by them.
xoxo Sister Viraldo

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