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Your faith will grow not by CHANCE, but by CHOICE (10-6-15 Email)

4-week New Missionary Meeting


Looking back at this week, it went by so quickly, yet at the same time Wednesday feels like it happened 2 weeks ago. That's the life of a missionary, though.

First off I wanted to talk about the amazing General Conference weekend we all enjoyed. What a huge blessing it is to be a member of Jesus Christ's church--The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints--in these, the last days & for the opportunities we have to listen to God's chosen servants. They truly speak the words of the Lord. EACH of the talks that were given were SO inspired by the Lord & if we listen by the Spirit, they all can apply to us in our personal lives. 

There were quite a few talks that I really connected to & found great insight & personal revelation in.
#1 Elder Larry R. Lawrence - "What lack I yet?" He focused on our personal spiritual growth & how we can improve as disciples of Jesus Christ. He challenged us each to do a spiritual exercise. He invited us to humbly pray and ask the Lord, "What is keeping me from progressing?" Then to wait quietly for a response from the Holy Ghost. If we are humble & ready for an answer the Holy Ghost will tell us something very specific that we can do in our lives or rid from our lives that will help us be more Christlike. He encouraged us to be humble enough to ask & faithful enough to act. Spiritual growth should be a priority in our lives. We all should be trying to improve each and every day. The Lord doesn't expect us to be perfect, but He DOES expect us to try a little harder to be a little better. I love this exercise because there are things in my life that I can do better to become the person & specifically the missionary Heavenly Father needs me to be! I'm grateful for personal revelation.

#2 Elder Robert D. Hales - I loved his talk because he was so BOLD & specific. Stay out of debt. If you choose to avoid temptation, you'll be happy. Be worthy of the person you will marry. Pretty simple.

#3 Elder Jeffrey R. Holland - I always love Elder Holland's talks. He speaks to my soul. He talked about the loving, kind, selfless role of MOTHERHOOD. The love that a mother has for her child is the closest to Christlike love there is on earth. I love you mom!

#4 President Thomas S. Monson - This holy man has given his whole life to the Lord. The 2 scriptures he shared have been part of mine & Sister Anderson's lessons recently. I loved how he explained how we can be an example in word, conversation, charity, spirit, faith & purity. As we develop those attributes, our lights can shine to those around us!

#5 Sister Carole M. Stephens - Her talk about LOVE & OBEDIENCE was awesome! It is so true. We are given commandments because God loves us! He knows what is best for us. 

Those are just some of the talks that stuck out to me!

This week was GRRREAT!  We had a couple lessons with Sister H and her son L. Earlier this week I was really pondering the counsel given by Elder Falabella & reinforced by President Hobbs-- focus on fathers, teach the fathers & the family. I had a strong impression that we need to focus on L's father. I brought that up to Sister Anderson & she really felt like we need to do that as well. On Friday we were talking with Sister H & we were planning on telling her how we want to meet her husband. Before we were able to do that she told us that they started going to counseling & he agreed to go to church with her. That was PERFECT for what we wanted to talk with her about. We started relaying the counsel from Elder Falabella & she got chills. The Spirit testified to all of us that that was right. As of now, we haven't met him yet, but hopefully he'll be at church this Sunday. This is a huge miracle! :) 

This week was week 4, aka the 4 week new missionary meeting! It's an opportunity that President & Sister Hobbs have of checking on the new missionary's progress & to answer questions they or we have. It's always great to receive training from them. 

We had a couple lessons with A & K. We're working on helping them prepare for their baptism in a few weeks! We're SO excited & they seem to be too. It's really hard to read them, but they truly desire to be baptized & know it's true! 

One of the coolest things that happened this week happened just yesterday afternoon...
Earlier in the week we had dinner with Brother & Sister Strong & they named off 4 of their neighbors they wanted us to visit. One of them is a lady by the name of D. We met her yesterday & learned that she recently lost her job. Her boss goes to her church & she just couldn't bring herself to go to church on Sunday. We talked to her a little about God's plan for her & introduced her to the Book of Mormon. We explained how the Bible, over time, lost precious truths due to translations. She believed that. And we explained the purpose of the Book of Mormon, to testify of Christ & to expound upon the Bible. Specifically how in the Bible it talks about how Christ was "baptized to fulfill all righteousness" & the Book of Mormon, Alma 31, tells us what it means to "fulfill all righteousness". You could just see the Spirit working in her. She thought it was good & wants to read it & see if it can help her understand the Bible more. I don't remember much of what I said, but I DO remember how strongly I felt the Spirit speaking through me to exactly what she needed to hear. It truly is amazing to be doing this work. Every day is a blessing.

Mom, I did get answers to my questions during conference! It's amazing how the Spirit works, huh?
Yes, you should share it with me, what you learned from Pres Uchtdorf's talk!
Wowww you're going to San Diego this week! Luckies! 
I guess I won't worry about dad, if you're not worried.
I'm not feeling any better really, the neti pot is the thing I've found that works the best. Weird, I was down in Rancho on Wednesday & didn't have any problems....

I love you mommy & daddy! Thanks for the great emails. I love hearing about everything! 
Have a great week & I'll talk to you next week while you're only a couple hours from me! hahaha
xoxo Sister Viraldo

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