Thursday, October 29, 2015

I Know My Savior Loves Me (10-26 email)

This week was definitely a busy one. But oh, so great!

Tuesday we usually have our scripture study class at 6:45, but the scouts were having a court of honor & we were tricked into going, haha. From past experiences, ya know, having so many brothers in scouts I've never enjoyed attending court of honors much. But this one was actually very amusing! Hahaha.
Wednesday we did some service for the Castles...& I'm so sad to say that this is their last week in Wrightwood. :(
In the evening, Alissa & Kealin had their baptism interviews & PASSED! Then afterward, we had dinner with the Dabells :)
Thursday after we did service at the library, we put together Alissa & Kealin's baptism program. Later, we were out trying a former investigator & met her husband, J. He was super friendly, but not really interested because they are very active at Hillside Community Church. BUT we asked him "who do you know who could use a message of how much God loves them?" & he told us to visit his neighbor! YAYYY FOR REFERRALS!!
Friday we were able to have a lesson with a less active we've been trying to visit since we've been here. As we were planning what to share with her, we decided to do a BoM read, which teaches about personal revelation & how the Spirit answers our questions through the Book of Mormon. It's a really cool exercise that I suggest you try! 
You think of a question you want answered, choose ANY place to read & start reading. It's really great to do it in a group because the insights you have about a verse can really help answer someone else's question. So we decided to do that with her & I felt like we should read Mosiah 18. Turns out that was inspired because about halfway into the chapter she said "BOOM, my question is answered!" & she started crying. It was soooo cool to see how the Spirit directed us to read that chapter so that her question could be answered & her testimony of the Book of Mormon strengthened.
5:01am came way too fast on Saturday morning. Why did we get up that early? El Mirage. You might remember me writing about this in May. Our zone did a service project with the community cleaning up trash around the dry lake bed. We got there at 6:15ish, helped make breakfast, ate at 7, started working around 8:15 & came back at 12:30 for lunch. It was pretty fun! 
El Mirage clean-up day

Afterwards we went home to make final preparations for the baptism & lo & behold Sister Anderson & I are both burnt! PERFECT timing, huh? Oh well, ALISSA & KEALIN ARE GETTING BAPTIZED! I don't think I told you, but I sang "I Heard Him Come" :) 
The water heater broke so the water was chillyyyyy. As Alissa was stepping in, I said "this will show her faith!" But she did it! She even had to go under twice because the first time her knee was up. Kealin went after & was acting all tough that the water wasn't that cold, but you could see him shivering. hahaha. It was such a neat experience to see the people that I've come to love over the past month & a half take a step of faith in following Jesus Christ & enter the waters of baptism. So special. After the baptism we went out to dinner with Sister Howard & Butler (their aunts), Alissa, Kealin, Sis. Carlson, & Bishop & Sister Jorgenson. I got a Macho burrito & boy was it MACHO. Sooo delicious though, but that's not important ;)

Sunday was a special day because Alissa & Kealin were confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints & were given the gift of the Holy Ghost. :)
Also, it was the primary program & the theme was "I know my Savior lives". Primary programs are THE BEST. There's nothing better than the sweet testimonies of children. Each child got to go up & say "I know my Savior loves me because..." 

"I know my Savior loves me because He gave me my family" was a common one, but that's what I would say too. I love my family! Families can be together forever & that makes me so happy & gives me so much hope. 

Well, this letter was probably all over the place, but I hope it makes a difference in your day.  Thanks for all you do for me! I love you & pray for you every day. :)
xoxo Sister Viraldo

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